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SENA Releases Firmware Updates for the Tufftalk (v1.2.3), Tufftalk Lite (v1.0.3), and Tufftalk M (v1.1.2)

Sena Technologies, Inc. has released firmware updates for the Tufftalk and Tufftalk Lite, which mainly includes:

    Tufftalk Firmware v1.2.3 /  Tufftalk Lite Firmware v1.0.3 /  Tufftalk M Firmware v1.1.2
    • Improved iOS connectivity
    • Improved compatibility with RC3 and RC4
      You can upgrade your firmware using the most recent device manager.

      Please download the Device Manager:

      ➤ MS Windows 32-Bit (Windows 7 or Later)

       MS Windows 64-Bit (Windows 7 or Later)

       Mac OSX (Mac OS 10.8 or later)

      Please download the User's Guide:

      Tufftalk ➤ Click Here to Download
      Tufftalk Lite ➤ Click Here to Download
      Tufftalk M ➤ Click Here to Download

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